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Northeast Waterfowl season starts!


The Northeastern Waterfowl season for California has started and hunters are scoring! Water is still an issue. Parts of the Klammath-Tulelake basin does not have water, but hunters who find water are scoring with limits and near limits. The Balance of State season opens Oct. 20, 2018. We are now open for bird picking/cleaning. Come on by and have your birds picked and cleaned with the state of the art Dry picker!

Waterfowl Hunters! Ealy Season Large Canada Geese Season begins tomorrow 9/29/2018!!!

The 2018/19 Waterfowl Season is here beginning tomorrow the Early Season Large Canada Goose season begins. It goes until 10/3/2018. We will be picking and cleaning waterfowl, pheasants and quail. Come by and let us pick your birds on our state of the art Dry Picker! No more scaulding to introduce bacteria. We also have [...]

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2018/19 Waterfowl Season is right around the corner!

The 2018/19 Waterfowl Season begins in less than a month! With the start of the early season Canada Goose hunts, which starts September 29, 2018 and lasts until October 3, 2018. We have Deadly Decoy, Wonderduck decoys, Windwhacker Decoys, Kent Ammunition, Federal Black Cloud Ammunition, Hevi-Steel, Hevi-Metal Ammunition, and much more.  We will also have [...]

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This new innovative design honors everything great about an Iverson Duck Call. The call carries the traditional Iverson look and construction inside and out. It has a beautiful and subtle low-end quack coupled with a clear, loud and crisp high end that will reach mallards in the clouds. Reed kits also available

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Salmon Season 2018 Central Coast of California

Salmon Season is NOW Open for the Central Coast of California! It has been going Gang Busters with quick limits! We have Trayed Anchovies in Stock and Trayed Herring. Check out our other Salmon Product such as flashers, Cable Baiter hooks, etc.

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Yo-Zuri Diving Boards in Stock!

Yo Zuri Diving Boards for the tuna trolling enthusiasts are NOW here! These are a great addition to your trolling spread when trolling for Albacore or other game species. These diving boards can be trolled at a higher rate of speed than most diving boards.

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Daiwa LT Spinning reels Now in stock!

The new Daiwa Lt Spinning Reels are arriving daily. Keep checking as we will be listing them as they arrive.

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Liniger Rod Holder Now in stock

Hayward Fishing, Liniger Rod Holders in Stock now. Made of Bronze and white in color.

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Duck Season 2017/18 is still going. Have your birds picked and cleaned.

We are still picking and cleaning ducks and geese as the season is still going! Bring your ducks and geese in to us and have them picked, cleaned, and packaged or vacuumed sealed.

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Deadly Decoy Mallard flyers and Specklebelly Flyers, are the most attractive to ducks and geese in both field or water hunting situations. If your tired of charging batteries give these bad boys a try.

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