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Phenix Rods


We are now a Phenix Rod/Blank Dealer! Whether you are a Saltwater or Freshwater fisherman Phenix Rods is constantly striving to improve their product.

Phenix Rods is a company that focuses on taking care of each and every individual client. When you purchase a Custom Quality Fishing Rod from Phenix Rods you are brought into the ever-growing Phenix Rods family. Phenix was founded on the idea that we aren’t just selling products we are selling memories, stories, and the ability to get the next big catch.
Phenix Rods has been around since 1977 providing excellence in quality, innovation, and power in every custom fishing rod. Every custom quality fishing rod is placed through a rigorous and painstaking process to ensure its utmost sensitivity and power. Each one of our rods is wrapped in a beautiful Carbon Fiber wrap and every rod is developed to handle the strongest of beasts in the water. When choosing a rod do not settle for anything less than a Phenix Custom Quality Fishing Rod.

Keep checking back as we will be posting Phenix rods and blanks!


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